Remanufactured spare parts

Even if they have worked for a long time, have been with you for many Miles your car's components are always valuable. This is why we get them back from service centres , preparing them for a second life on the road. Starting with a used original part, by using regeneration, we create a product with performance equivalent to that of a new one, thanks to a certified procedure and guaranteed for 24 months.

Discover all the advantages of our regenerated spare parts.


Our range of remanufactured spare parts from engines to mechanical transmissions, from turbochargers to the smallest parts, like injectors and alternators. We have listed all of them in a complete electronic catalogue, which allows the Network's professionals to identify the components available for each model and to compare the prices instantly against the corresponding new component.


Mopar® Remanufactured parts are produced in a highly structured process:
  • All components are removed from the vehicle casing
  • All removed components are cleaned and their functionality is checked
  • Specific processing of components or replacement with new components
  • Refitting of the complete assembly
  • Final product testing, preceded by intermediate testing where necessary

During the Jeep Group Remanufacturing process, all components subjected to wear and tear are 100% replaced with new components, to ensure their performance and durability. Mopar® Remanufactured parts are gathered solely from components removed by Authorised Service Centres.


If you choose our regenerated spare parts, the environment thanks you. Regeneration doesn’t just allow recovery of materials destined to become waste but also to limit the production of carbon dioxide and save raw materials and energy.


Recovering components destined to become waste is a less demanding production process compared to the cost of producing a new component, which in turn translates into a more attractive sales price.
Mopar® Remanufactured parts allow you to save up to 50% compared to the corresponding new parts.

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