Meet the crew

Renegade Life New Community Craig Hensel

@thecraighensel Craig Hensel

Craig is a former Pastor turned professional advertising photographer based out of Chicago, IL. Whether he is capturing scenic nature shots or eclectic urban landscapes his photography combines mood, great light and showcasing the world as a reverent yet joyful place. Craig balances out family and work life by taking middle of the night road trips and watching the stars with his kids.

Renegade Life New Community Eric Ward

@littlecoal Eric Ward

Eric Ward has found incredible success on Instagram with over 300k followers. He discovered Instagram about four years ago while teaching elementary school in Northwest Ohio and became fascinated by the prospect of visual storytelling. His calming yet striking style has lead him to many amazing opportunities, all the while keeping his focus on his family and the faith that guides his Instagram feed as well as his life.

Renegade Life New Community Ricky Staub

@neighborhoodfilm Ricky Staub

Ricky Staub is the owner and founder of Philadelphia based Neighborhood Film Co. Ricky has been in love with filmmaking for as long as he can remember. His love of storytelling combined with a desire to share it with others has been the greatest journey of his life thus far. Neighborhood Film Co. gives back to those who need it with an apprenticeship program that provides career opportunities to the formerly incarcerated.


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